Tour Dates, Concerts, Shows, Live Performances

Date Show Venue
July 07, 2012 Lakefield with Versa and New Tricks The Cambie at The Esquimalt Inn
December 14, 2011 Lakefield with Derrick Mensch, Lady Jem, Shot Royalties, Mercy Years, and Rags to Radio The Cobalt
October 28, 2011 Lakefield with Crucial Taunt and Moonshine Express The Anza Club
September 22, 2011 Lakefield at Olio Festival 2011 with Malcolm & The Moonlight, The Coppertone, and Ben Rogers The Railway Club
September 18, 2011 A Sunday Afternoon with Lakefield and Matthew Dolmage Zocalo Café
September 17, 2011 Lakefield with The Ghostbirds and (as the) Crow Flies The Duncan Garage Showroom
September 16, 2011 Lakefield with The Ghostbirds and (as the) Crow Flies The Cambie at The Esquimalt Inn
August 18, 2011 Lakefield with Redbird and Ana Egge The Railway Club
May 03, 2011 Lakefield with The Strange Magic Library Square Public House
April 22, 2011 Lakefield with Kinsfolk and Crucial Taunt The Anza Club
March 15, 2011 Lakefield with Barry Green and The Ghostbirds The Media Club
February 19, 2011 Lakefield with The Adam Rosenthal Band and Waiting For Sunday The Anza Club
February 19, 2011 Lakefield at Vogville's Day & Night Festival The Vancouver Alpen Club
January 08, 2011 Lakefield with In Medias Res Biltmore Cabaret
December 17, 2010 Lakefield with Jasper Sloan Yip, Annie Nolan, and Riun Garner The Cellar
December 09, 2010 Lakefield with By Starlight and Blank Cinema The Forum
October 23, 2010 Lakefield with Fine Mist and Shane Turner Overdrive China Cloud
September 24, 2010 Lakefield at Olio Festival with The Good News and FLAKJAKT China Cloud
August 14, 2010 Lakefield with Waking Jude, Sleep Holiday, and Andrew Lee (of In Medias Res) Neptoon Records
July 17, 2010 Lakefield with Shapes Stars Make Biltmore Cabaret
July 04, 2010 Lakefield album release with The Donkeys and Citizen Hands (featuring members of In Medias Res) Little Mountain Studios
June 20, 2010 Lakefield at Holy Shed! The Shed
May 22, 2010 Lakefield "Sounds From The Treeline" Album Release Party Biltmore Cabaret
May 20, 2010 Lakefield Live on Paper, Scissors, ROCK! CJSF Radio
May 13, 2010 Lakefield Live on Thunderbird Radio Hell CiTR Radio
April 30, 2010 Lakefield with Petroleum By-Product, KOBAN, and Shane Turner Overdrive at the CiTR Shindig Reunion Concert The Railway Club

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