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Analyzing CBC Radio 3 Airplay

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Late last year one of our songs, Old Hearts, got a fair bit of airplay on CBC Radio 3 (R3). This was really exciting for us as R3 is streamed all over the place, in cafes and offices, over satellite radio, and through the internet to individual users, and we got to experience the thrill of both hearing ourselves and having our friends tell us they heard us on the radio.

One of the neat things about R3 is the built-in web 2.0 features. For any song that’s been uploaded, you can save it to a playlist and play it any time you like, and you can become a fan of an artist and get updates on their activity. If you go to our R3 artist page you can see how many people have added us and how many times they’ve played our songs; when I wrote this article, we had 32 fans, 179 playlist-adds, and a total of 3,424 plays.