Bands often get asked about their name. Ours is no different.

No, we’re not from Lakefield, Ontario.

The name actually came from BANDthology – The Board Game for Music Lovers, invented by some folks in Calgary, Alberta. The game is tons of fun, for music lovers of all ages and musical interests. You roll a six-sided die for song, album, or artist, and then have to name a song, album, or artist with the word on the card you picked up, before the timer runs out. So, let’s play!

You roll ‘artist’ and the word is ‘lake’ – 1 point for ‘Lakefield’
You roll ‘album’ and the word is ‘tree’ – 1 point for ‘Sounds From The Treeline’
You roll ‘song’ and the word is ‘radio’ – 1 point for ‘On the Radio’

The game also incorporates music trivia, charades (e.g., acting out the name of a band), and storyline events that can help (e.g., winning a competition) or hurt (e.g., running out of gas on tour) you as you collect band members for your band!

We had cards from the game lying all over the floor, and were randomly picking up two cards at a time, selecting one word from each card, and putting them together. Eventually, we picked up two cards, one with ‘lake’ and one with ‘field.’

One Response to “LAKE + FIELD = LAKEFIELD”

  1. Hi Kate:
    That is such a cool story! We hope that you love playing BANDthology as much as we enjoyed developing it. We are music lovers and know that you guys are too. Best of luck on your upcoming Album Release Party on May 22nd.

    Check this out – we are launching a Live! version of the game for the pub & bar market (ala Name That Tune only way more involved). We have tons of video content and are in the process of introducing a contest on (you should check this site out if you haven’t already) for bands to submit to introduce their original songs.

    We will stay in touch about that for sure – you guys should submit something.

    Many thanks for telling us your very cool story,

    Sharon Wilson
    BANDthology Music Games